5 Things That Should Make Blue Springs Home Buyers Stop in Their Tracks

Finding a property in Blue Springs, MO that fits your needs at a price that won’t break the bank is becoming more difficult. Take a step back and examine the situation more deeply before making an offer or signing any documents. The Blue Springs real estate market might be hectic, but don’t let it pressure you into purchasing a substandard property. Even if a property seems to be everything you’ve ever wanted in a home, flaws may make it less than ideal. Take a look at these five reasons why homebuyers in Blue Springs should put their plans on hold.

1. Issues with the Building Structurally

This is a major red flag for prospective Blue Springs homebuyers. Even if the house doesn’t become a complete financial disaster, fixing structural issues is almost always prohibitively expensive. The expansive clay soils prevalent in and around Kansas City are a major cause of foundation repair work in the Blue Springs, Missouri region. Because of various variables, foundation repair work might be difficult at times. The kind and age of your house and the weather and the soil conditions underneath it all play a role in these considerations.

A fractured foundation or cracking plaster/drywall are red flags that should send you running the other way. All of these things are warning lights that point to serious systemic issues. If you discover indications of foundation damage, you should consult with a structural engineer or a foundation repair specialist.

2. Work that was not Authorized

It might not seem to be a big deal if unpermitted work was done on the residence in the past. It should be enough to throw Blue Springs homebuyers off their feet. However, this is how it should be.

This is the case for the following three reasons:

  • The inspectors will discover any work that needs an inspection and a permit if you wish to do so. As a result, you may be responsible for past fees and penalties.
  • If you have a fire and your insurance doesn’t cover the damage because of unpermitted work, you’ll have to pay for it yourself.
  • Finally, if the assessments have been made based on the home as it was before the unpermitted renovations, you may be liable for back taxes

3. The Location Not Appealing

Everybody talks about the value of location, and it’s not for nothing. Blue Springs homebuyers should think twice before moving through with purchasing a property in a terrible area.

If the area is undesirable, you should rethink your decision no matter how amazing the home is. Take a look at the following neighborhood/location issues:

  • Neighbors who constantly play loud music.
  • A high rate of criminality.
  • Dozens of yelping animals
  • Near a train station or an airport
  • The land and water table have been contaminated by toxic waste from nearby industrial facilities and manufacturers.
  • PowerSchool

Just be sure that the location and neighborhood of your new house will allow you to live a long, healthy, and safe life. This is why it’s critical to work with a local realtor.

A local real estate agent understands through personal experience and is aware of information that is not readily accessible online. Even a real estate agent who is familiar with the local market in Blue Springs, Missouri, can tell you why one area has a high distressed rate, maybe because it is difficult to get to the highway and the traffic is so bad that it takes 30 minutes just to get there. A Blue Springs real estate professional, on the other hand, will be familiar with the factors that influence house prices, location, and demand and can help you determine whether or not a community is a suitable investment.

4. Mold and Mildew Found

You don’t want to scare away potential buyers by saying, “This house has mold!” especially after finding the house you’ve been looking for. In Blue Springs and the surrounding Kansas City metro region, mold is a widespread concern due to basement issues, including humidity and basement flooding, which may lead to mold growth. Mold may pose a serious health risk. Both costly and extensive mold removal procedures are involved. As a result, Blue Springs homebuyers should be wary of any symptoms of mold or mildew.

Mold is so dangerous that most purchasers would flee at first sight, and you should do the same. You should be on the watch for water stains, water in the basement, a mildewy odor, or any other sign of a mold issue.

5. Features That Require A Lot Of Upkeep

Although most people don’t consider it, the availability of high-maintenance features could cause pause among prospective Blue Springs home purchasers. There’s a lot of time and cost to make them appear stylish or exciting. When you include the time and money it takes to maintain a sauna or indoor pool; it’s hard to see how they can live up to their initial hype.

Take Advice from Your Agent

Some of the factors that should make Blue Springs homebuyers halt in their tracks. There are many more – much too numerous for the average person to keep track of. Hence, listening to your agent and allowing her to lead you through the minefield. Find out how our agents can assist you to avoid making a costly mistake when purchasing a house. Our phone number is (816) 695-7352, or you may send us a message via our website.