For a property sale to go smoothly, several components must be in place, and some of these components generate more worry than any other portion. The inspection and evaluation are two of the process’s more tense moments. However, you may lessen your anxiety and tension by planning — to prevent unpleasant shocks and achieve the desired outcomes. Here are five things you should do before a home inspection or assessment in Raymore, Missouri.

1. The First Step is to Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Home

Inspectors and appraisers care about first impressions just as prospective purchasers do. And the greatest way to make a good first impression is by making the outside of your home beautiful. When selling a home in Raymore, Missouri, focusing on the home’s front yard before doing inspections and assessments.

First impressions are powerful, and they can positively or negatively impact a buyer’s interest in your home,” a real estate agent explains. When a home inspector visits your property, they will be able to tell right away whether or not it’s in good shape. They’ll get the idea that the house is well cared for if it looks tidy and clean, which could help you on the home inspection report.”

Here are some tips from industry experts on how to boost your home’s curb appeal:

  • Make your yard stand out by mowing, trimming trees and bushes, planting flowers, and laying down new mulch in the flower beds.
  • The doorknobs, latches, locks and deadbolts on all doors and gates must function properly.
  • Re-paint when necessary.
  • Siding, porches, decks, and walkways may be cleaned using a power washer.

2. Inspect the Rainwater Collection System and the Roof for Damage

Inspectors and appraisers are likely to focus on the roof of your property after the curb appeal, and they’ll be sure to inspect it. When selling a home in Raymore, inspect the roof (and gutters) first.

Gutter cleaning and other necessary roof repairs should be completed to ensure that you don’t just put a band-aid on a roof problem. If there is any roof damage, experts recommend that you fix it before the inspection, especially if it is something that you may have temporarily fixed. Unfinished repairs, such as do-it-yourself patches, will be recorded on the inspection report.”

3. Everything inside should be checked.

Before inspections and appraisals, many Raymore sellers focus on the exterior of their property and overlook the interior. That’s understandable, however, because the outside and curb appeal of a home is critical to setting the tone for the rest of the inspection or appraisal process. Still, ignoring the inside in any way is a bad idea.

As vital as the outside is, double and triple examine everything in the interior. Decluttering and a thorough check-up should follow comprehensive cleaning by industry experts.

  • None of the lamps is dim.
  • Alarms for fires are sounding.
  • All of the appliances have been plugged into their respective outlets.
  • In other words, no boxes are blocking the water heater, and the garage door opener works.
  • The HVAC system’s filter was recently replaced.
  • Undermount sinks do not have leaks.
  • Every one of the locks has been successfully tested.

4. Compile and Provide a List of Upgrades and Improvements

Before inspections and appraisals, one of the most critical (but frequently missed) steps in the selling process in Raymore is to perform these tasks. Present the inspector and appraiser with a list of the upgrades and changes you’ve made. This isn’t something you can just assume they’ll notice.

If you’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars in renovations and enhancements, you don’t want to take the danger that the appraiser may overlook them. As a result, make it simple for them to be considered.

According to appraisal specialists, “it’s highly important to create a list of all modifications and improvements you’ve made in your property as you prepare for an evaluation.” As long as you provide a list of all of your home’s modifications and additions, you’ll have an easier time making sure the appraiser knows all of your home’s features.

5. Seek the Advice of Your Realtor

Before having their property inspected and appraised, Raymore home sellers should speak with a local real estate professional. The inspectors and appraisers in your area will be familiar with the things you’re looking for because your local agent will know them or know about them. Depending on the market, inspections and assessments take on different meanings in different places. Our agents can help you acquire the most accurate inspection and assessment results. If you have any questions, you can reach us at (816) 695-7352.