5 Ways Raymore Real Estate Agents Are Adapting During Coronavirus

For Raymore real estate agents and house buyers and sellers alike, 2020 has been a crucial year for adapting to shifting market circumstances. As a result of the significant effect, COVID-19 has had on the local housing inventory, finding a home this year will be much more difficult than in previous years. Cass County, MO, and Jackson County, MO, home inventory are down significantly, according to July numbers from the Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors (KCRAR). Cass County’s inventory was down 53.2 per cent from the previous summer, while Jackson County’s inventory was down 42.5%. Consequently, the median house selling price in Cass County increased by 22.3% between July 2019 and July 2020, rising from $241,813 to $295,770. As of July 2020, the median house selling price in Jackson County increased by 10.9 per cent from $210,074 to $232,983.

Since the coronavirus epidemic began, our society has been transformed practically every way. This is especially true in many sectors, notably the real estate industry. Due to these changing circumstances, real estate agents are forced to change their tactics, which changes the rules for both buyers and sellers. Much of the process of showings and closings has gone digital. Here are five ways Raymore real estate brokers react to this new climate during coronavirus.

1. For the time being, it’s all about the virtual

Buying and selling a home is still a need, and real estate brokers are still required to earn a career. Coronavirus has forced Raymore real estate brokers to become digitally remote to keep their clients safe. As a precaution against coronavirus, real estate brokers have developed methods to conduct certain transactions online.

Virtual tours, for example, have overtaken the open house as the preferred method of selling a home. Here’s how the virtual world has taken control.

Afterwards, they’ll deliver it to their customers through email and a video tour they shot themselves.” Customers may also be video called as they walk around the home by the agent, who can then answer questions in real-time using FaceTime or another video calling method. With the help of these virtual open houses, prospective buyers may tour homes and learn more about them without ever having to meet face-to-face.”

Why Raymore Real Estate Agents Will Show Homes Differently in 2020 Because of Virtual Tours

2. There are open houses and private showings

Raymore real estate agents are using virtual tools and techniques during the coronavirus. Virtual open houses and virtual showings are the most popular and most successful options in today’s market.

Open houses are a powerful marketing tactic for attracting prospective home buyers’ attention. However, given present circumstances, an in-person open house is a non-starter. Agents have developed a technique to host virtual open houses and showings even though they cannot bring buyers to a property in person.

Virtual showings are becoming the standard, even though they aren’t all that new. Customers may take virtual tours of properties while still having access to agents through FaceTime or Zoom so they can ask questions.

As industry insiders put it, “virtual reality” delivers a 3D, 360-degree tour of a seller’s property that offers immersive visuals in high definition. An in-person tour may not be completely replaced, but it comes close. There’s no need to be concerned about things being difficult or pricey. Several firms currently exist in this market to assist real estate brokers and their customers in developing high-quality 3D virtual house hours.

3. Appraisals and Inspections

Traditionally, appraisals and inspections were conducted with all parties involved in the transaction present. This is no longer the case. In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, real estate brokers in Raymore, Missouri, are changing their inspection and appraisal procedures.

Inspections may be conducted in a separate room from the seller and agent, if sufficient safety precautions are taken. When it comes to qualifying buyers for house loans, some lenders are now accepting drive-by assessments and images supplied by homeowners.” In this case, there is no need for another individual to enter the residence and possibly infect the owners and their living environment.”

As a result, your agent will have to follow up with your questions and concerns after the fact. Contact a Raymore representative at (816) 695-7352 to learn more about these exciting initiatives.

4. More Detailed Resources

To compensate for and complement the shortcomings of virtual showings and changed inspections/appraisals, Raymore real estate agents are giving additional resources to buyers and sellers.

As a result, here’s what some wise real estate brokers are doing right now…

Some Raymore real estate agents have started providing clients with floor plans, detailed descriptions, and panoramic photos to supplement their video tours. Some even work on setting up a live stream link via which many clients interested in a certain property may see it. Simultaneously.”

5. Remote Cosings More Common

During the coronavirus, agents are progressively closing their listings remotely. A few states have allowed remote real estate closings for some time, but it is gradually becoming increasingly popular. A public notary may now verify the identity of buyers and sellers through video, and papers can be signed electronically in practically every state in the United States. As a result, remote house closings in the United States are now possible.

Utilize the Support of Your Agent

Many buyers and sellers in Cass and Jackson counties are having difficulty adjusting to the coronavirus, even though Raymore real estate brokers adapt. It’s difficult to perform everything online and without any personal interaction. A year ago, Kansas City’s housing supply was half of what it is now. This implies that your search for a new home will be considerably more difficult, and you’ll need to act quickly! That’s why it’s so important to have and rely on a local real estate agent at this time. Hiring a Raymore real estate agent is even more critical in the current property market because of the scarcity of available properties. House prices have risen, but you don’t want to spend too much on your new house! Consider hiring a realtor who is familiar with the Raymore area home market. Under these new circumstances, Raymore realtor Dan Edson can help you purchase or sell. Let us know how we can help you by calling (816) 695-7352 or emailing us.