5 Ways Selling A House Will Be Different In Raymore This Summer

Local Raymore residents often inquire about the health of the housing market. I’d like to take a moment to address this often asked question for you as a local real estate expert. I am starting with a lack of available Raymore houses for sale in our local real estate market. The home inventory scarcity is nothing new, but it is now much more acute due to COVID-19.

The Kansas City Regional Association of Realtors estimates that the greater Kansas City region has 1.6 months of housing supply. Our local inventory would normally have a six-month supply of properties available for sale in a typical housing market. Over the last year, the number of homes for sale in Cass County has decreased by 40.3 percent. It may be difficult to discover a house for sale in our Raymore areas if you’re looking for one. In The Villas of Brookside or Brookside Raymore, there isn’t much accessible inventory at the moment if you’re searching for a ranch house for sale. Other Raymore areas are also suffering from a severe lack of available properties.

In late 2019 and early 2020, the market for house sellers was expected to be strong. When the coronavirus arrived, though, everything went awry. Even if the number of homes for sale has declined, sales have reduced, and the selling process has undergone significant changes. Home sales are expected to pick up by the end of the summer, but there will be some changes. So let’s look at five alternative strategies to sell a home this summer in Raymore.

1. Home prices are expected to rise over the next several years.

When it comes to selling a property in Brookside Raymore and other nearby areas, the continued (albeit decreasing) increase in home prices will impact. This year’s growth in property prices (3.3%) was smaller than last year’s (5.4%).” (5 per cent). There’s no reason to believe this year will be any different. According to real estate experts, home prices will only climb by 2.8 per cent in 2020. As a result, although property values are certain to rise shortly, they won’t soar as they have in prior years.

As a seller, you need to keep in mind that many prospective buyers are already priced out of the market, maybe by summer. As a result, there will be more and more competition and fewer options available. Making your house stand out, pricing strategically, and promoting aggressively will be crucial this summer.

Get these essentials right by working with a local representative. If you have any questions, please call (816) 695-7352.

2. Millennials will account for the majority of consumers

There were 37 percent of homebuyers last year who were millennials — individuals born between 1980 and 1998. That proportion is only going to rise in the coming months. In addition, the Raymore real estate market will be unique this summer due to the influx of millennials, which will account for the majority of those looking to purchase a property.per cent

So, as a seller, what does this imply for you? Consider the following three points.

Internet Listings Nedd To Be At The Top of The List

According to industry observers, most millennials (98%) use the internet to find a house, and more than 80 per cent of them did it last year using a mobile device. It’s thus imperative that you leave a lasting impression on the internet.”

Size isn’t Everything, but Features and Amenities are

Lifestyle advantages are more important to millennials than space footage. This summer, if you want to attract millennials, you’ll need to focus on things like cheap commute expenses, surrounding activities, and the area’s quality.

Certain Features Stand Out More To Millennials

Some traits are more sought after by millennials than others. “The following are some of the most popular house amenities sought for by millennials: hardwood front façade (81 per cent), patio (81%), garage storage (80%), and a walk-in pantry (79%).”

3. The Future of Marketing Is Online.

This summer, selling property in Brookside Raymore will be different due to the increased importance of internet marketing. This refers mostly to virtual house tours in 3D, but there are a few other critical strategies to consider.

This summer, there will be practically no in-person open houses, which means there will be more virtual open houses. Your home’s greatest characteristics may still be highlighted via a virtual open house. You should still speak with your agent to ensure that the virtual staging is done correctly.

The agent-led video tour is an increasingly popular virtual marketing strategy. This virtual tour includes commentary from a real estate agent on what makes the home distinctive or ideal for a new family. Viewing a video of a high-end kitchen is one thing. You may ask an agent through the online video when the chef-quality stove was installed and if the counter is made of marble, granite, or quartz at any given moment. “In this scenario, the spoken word may be used in addition to video as a medium to transmit a message.

4. This may soon become the norm: remote closings.

The increasing number of distant closings will be another factor to consider when selling your Brookside Raymore or The Villas of Brookside property this summer (in states that allow them). The closure protocols may be satisfied while minimising the dangerous interaction by using remote closing.

A title company prepares all necessary paperwork and mails it to the buyer, who subsequently receives them through email or online. The title firm signed the paperwork electronically, which validates personal information and identity through video. Additionally, a mobile notary may be used to conduct the closing in person so that there is less face-to-face interaction between the buyer and seller.

5. It’s Even More Essential to Work with a Good Agent.

Finally, this summer’s real estate market in Brookside Raymore, The Villas of Brookside, and other Raymore communities will be unique. More than ever, working with a reputable local real estate agent is essential. If you’re looking to sell your home in Raymore, I’ll be able to advise you on the best strategy for doing so. Choosing a local real estate agent with a proven track record of success will ensure that your house stands out and sells most efficiently. Please contact us at (816) 695-7352 or send us a message to see how we can assist you!