7 Fun Ideas For Selling Your House in Peculiar

Selling a home in Peculiar, Missouri doesn’t have to be a time-consuming and nerve-killing experience. A simple open house with cookies and bouquets is no longer enough to get the job done. It’s time to get creative when selling your house in Peculiar and the surrounding area!  A little creativity is required in order to stand out in today’s market. We’ve put together a list of seven creative ways to market your Peculiar property.

1. Raise the Bar on Staging

To sell your house in Peculiar, you know you need to get rid of all the clutter and rearrange the furniture, but you can do a lot more than that. System or philosophy-based staging is becoming increasingly popular with vendors. Feng Shui staging, for example, aims to enhance the home’s chi (energy) to make purchasers feel more at home.

2. Spend Some Time with St. Joseph

I’ve heard stories that some local Peculiar area home sellers have long-buried a statue of St. Joseph, the patron saint of the home and family, in their yard. Sounds crazy I know, but maybe you shouldn’t dismiss it since many people do it and swear by its efficacy. Supposedly, it will speed up the sale of your home.

3. Hold an Exciting Open House 

The traditional open house has lost its luster and is now merely used for agents to find new potential clients and create leads, more than it is about finding a buyer for your home. A new craze is the extreme open house, which includes catering, wine, live music, and door prizes. Having an all-out celebration like this can help you sell your Peculiar, MO home.

4. Excessive Luxuries can also be Added

Deal sweeteners and gifts have been around for as long as humans do business. It’s getting a little out of hand, but selling your Peculiar, MO home can be a success if you can bring yourself to part with some personal luxuries. For example, some sellers offer expensive incentives like a free riding lawn mower, hot tub, and home improvements to entice buyers.

5. The Fifth Step is to Organize a Contest

Contests are usually a good time, but they can also help you sell your Peculiar home. If you’re lucky, you might win a house through a raffle or an essay contest that the seller is sponsoring. (Always check with your local and state laws before doing so.)

6. Allow Your Home to be the Star of the Show

You’ll need a for sale sign, an ad in the local newspaper, and internet listings, but you can go a step further and have some fun while you’re doing it. For the first time, real estate agents and sellers are utilizing their very own radio frequency to broadcast tailored messages praising the home’s advantages as they drive by the home.  The “Star of the Show” concept uses the same radio transmitters used in neighborhood Christmais light displays to broadcast Christmas music while the lights are displayed.  Why not use the same approach in selling your home?

7. Offer a Sleepover to Serious Buyers

Many individuals do this, which may or may not sound insane. There’s the practice of allowing serious home buyers to have a sleepover at the home of the sellers.  I know this may seem crazy like a crazy idea for selling your house in Peculiar, MO, but allowing prospective buyers to experience your home before they make an offer, can help them get over their initial reservations. There are plenty of opportunities to test-drive cars, so why not a house?

Let us know if you’ve made up your mind about selling your Peculiar, Missouri property through a traditional or non-traditional method. You can try even more out-of-the-box approaches after you’ve done all the required things like employing professional staging, improving curb appeal, and working with a real estate agent. The length of time your home is on the market and the price you receive will be influenced by  these factors.