How Much Updating is Needed To Sell A House in Lee’s Summit?

Yes, the Kansas City region is still in a seller’s market. However, you may raise the value of your property by making a few easy improvements. A basic upgrade in your Lee’s Summit home may be as easy as installing new garage doors, updating your back deck, or even doing a little kitchen overhaul. Doing the right updates can yield a better return on your money. Let’s start with the fundamentals of preparing to sell a home in Lee’s Summit or the neighboring area.

How much work does it take to sell a home in Lee’s Summit if it needs some updating? You have to be cautious about who you listen to for advice. A lot of time and money might be wasted because of misinformation. The goal here is to keep things simple and focus on the most important aspects for prospective purchasers.

Before everything else, start with the fundamentals

First and first, focus on the necessary but unsexy maintenance and repair tasks. To begin with, you may be tempted to replace the kitchen’s cabinets and appliances or remodel the main bathroom. If the kitchen faucet leaks and the furnace doesn’t function, buyers won’t care about these other issues. As a bonus, you’ll get the greatest bang for your money near the end of the year when you’re most likely to find bargains.

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and ask what is most important to you right off the bat when deciding how much updating is required to sell a house in Lees Summit. Don’t overlook the value of simple landscaping and other outside improvements that enhance the property’s curb appeal. After all, these are the first things a buyer will notice, and investing in them may pay off handsomely.

For example, a new, high-quality front door may seem pricey at first, but the return on investment might be as high as 101%. Even a simple upgrade like a new garage door may provide a return of 88% when the house is put on the market.

The Updates Matter

The Kitchen and Bathroom-Renovations That Matter In the eyes of many so-called professionals, the kitchen and bathrooms must be extensively updated (and maybe remodeled). To a certain degree, that’s true. These updates may help your house sell quicker, but it’s important to note that you won’t get a very large return on the investment when you do these just before selling.

It is much preferable to do minor modifications and improvements. A few new stainless steel appliances and/or granite countertops may be all you need to attract a buyer and raise your asking price. To get a sense of what improvements are required to compete in your Lee’s Summit neighborhood, you may look at similar real estate listings in the region.

Paint -No matter how well-staged and spotless the walls of your home are, choosing the incorrect paint colors will hurt your chances of getting the price you desire when you sell it. A little detail like the color of the walls may make a big difference in enticing potential buyers.

Remember that painting is one of the most significant – and least costly – upgrades to consider when trying to sell a home in Lee’s Summit. But you’ll need to stick to neutral hues. They stand out in online listing images and help purchasers see their own belongings on your property. Also, if you do the work yourself, you can paint a 2,000-square-foot house for only $300 to $500.

lighting -Replacing obsolete fixtures is a must, but the most important thing is to have the finest possible lighting. Changing the lighting in a small space doesn’t take a lot of money, yet the results may be stunning. One of the most valuable resources in this situation is an experienced Lee’s Summit realtor.

In the end, what are the basic Lee’s Summit home improvements required to sell a property? Often, it’s less than you’d expect since it’s just the labor that will pay off in terms of time and money that counts. You don’t want to take any chances by failing to perform an update that you were supposed to perform instead. Our real estate experts come in handy when you need some advice.

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