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Homes with acreage can mean a lot of things. Maybe you need more privacy? Do you need tillable soil? Is living in a crowded subdivision getting on your nerves? Do you want more land to enjoy nature and the outdoors? Owning a home with acreage can mean a lot of things; what does it mean to you? Let’s talk about the advantages of homes for sale in Raymore, MO with acreage

One of the main reasons the people want to buy a house with acreage is for the privacy factor. More and more people are becoming dissatisfied with the closeness homes and the crowded feeling that comes with living in a Raymore subdivision, or the bunched up feeling some get in a house-to-house in a downtown Kansas City area neighborhood. Homes for sale in Raymore, MO with acreage help you have more freedom, and allow you hide away from the world around you.

Enjoying nature is one of the big advantages of buying a home with acreage. With more acreage comes a more comfortable and relaxing place to live. The ability to plant a lot of trees and create a scenic surrounding with creative landscaping is something you can do when you have more land. Having plenty of space to plant gardens and grow your own vegetables is also very appealing to people who want to buy a Raymore house with acreage.

Finally, the cost advantages of owning a home with acreage, along with the income opportunities that land can provide, and the expansion opportunities that come with owning a home for sale in Raymore, MO with acreage is very appealing. When you own more acreage then home, you will often times have property tax advantages. Undeveloped land, especially when separated from your residential plot, won’t incur as much in the way of taxes, so you typically pay less in taxes with a smaller house with lots of land, than with a big house on a small piece of land.

With acreage, comes the ability to earn extra income if you choose to. If you own several acres of land with open field, you could allow a farmer to bail the hail in your field for some extra income. You could even start an apple orchard or pumpkin patch. Growing your own crops such as corn, soybeans, strawberries or other vegetables, is another income producing idea for the use of your land. You could also raise your own chickens for fresh eggs to sell, or use yourself. Becoming more self sufficient is a big reason why home buyers are looking for homes for sale with land in Raymore. Owning a home with land allows home owners to become as self sufficient as they desire, through the growing of crops, or the raising of animals and more benefits.

When you buy a Raymore home with acreage , you always have room to expand. Making your current home larger by expanding your living space is always an option. You can add needed buildings to your property by adding outbuildings to include workshops, a garage, or even a greenhouse. You may even want to put in a pool. The opportunities are endless when you buy a home with land.

Whatever the reason, I am here to help. homes for sale in Raymore, MO with acreage is at an all time high. If you are considering making a move to a home with more acreage, contact me today. I have helped several families in their hunt for homes for sale in Raymore, MO with Acreage, and I would be delighted to help you find your dream home too.

Dan Edson is a wonderful and knowledgeable realtor. If you need a realtor, Dan will lead the way and assist you in the process with excellence.
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