6 Ways Working With A Raymore Real Estate Agent is Better Than Working With an Investor To Sell Your House

So you’ve chosen to market your Shadowood, Raymore, or Canter Ridge home for sale, but how should you do that? Regardless of where you reside in Raymore, you have alternatives for selling your property. Working with an investor or a local Raymore real estate agent is two of the most popular ways to sell your Raymore property. Both methods have advantages and disadvantages, depending on your specific selling circumstance. Working with a real estate agent, on the other hand, is the most popular option for most sellers. Dealing with an agent rather than an investor to sell your home has six advantages over working with an investor.

Cons of Dealing with an Investor

To begin, here are some of the drawbacks and hazards of selling your Raymore, MO, house to a real estate investor:


Investors are always on the lookout for a good offer that will enable them to earn money on the residence. Consequently, partnering with a real estate investor to sell your Raymore, Canter Ridge home sometimes results in a lower selling price.

Industry sources claim that “most investors are aiming to purchase properties at a discount to their market value.” At the very least, at a discount. The real market worth of your property may be hidden from you since they don’t have to inform you what they have in mind for it, such as demolishing it to create more profitable flats.


Because of this, you may be more exposed to fraud when dealing directly with an investor (rather than via an agency). Out-of-country investors, in particular, face this problem.

A typical scam scenario is an “investor” “appearing as a foreign or out-of-town buyer” is a typical scam scenario. The alleged investor calls the seller and begs for a quick closing in response. The investor does not need to view the property to make a purchase. This is done using a fraudulent cashier’s check or a fraudulent purchase agreement signed by an inexperienced or unrepresented seller. Before the seller is aware of it, they have been defrauded of money.”

Getting the Most from Your Raymore Agent Relationship

With a Raymore real estate agent, selling your home is a lot easier than trying to sell it yourself to an investor.


One of your most powerful marketing strategies is setting your prices right and in a way that encourages a sale. And it is, but it isn’t that simple to get it just so. To help you price your home effectively, a professional agent will have an extensive understanding of pricing in the local market and a wealth of expertise.

Because of this. When you hire a real estate agent, they will “obsessively follow the market and make a note of any ups or downs that might affect the value of your house.” Because of this, they can ensure that your house is marketed at a price that is correct and attracts attention while also helping you sell for a solid price.”

Sellers who attempt to price their homes on their own typically end up either overpricing or underpricing their properties. Call (816) 695-7352 to learn more about how an agent may assist you with pricing.


For sellers, negotiation is the most crucial thing an agent can do, behind price and promotion; in the end, the charge is a bargain because of the agent’s negotiation skills.

Agents that care about their clients will always put their clients’ interests first. As skilled negotiators, they will “fight for your interests while preventing the contract from coming apart owing to damaged sentiments.” Again, contact (816) 695-7352 if you want to learn more.


Working with a real estate professional instead of a private investor ensures that you will get assistance with the myriad of legal nuances and paperwork that accompany a real estate transaction. Working with an agent may keep you out of trouble with the law.

A real estate transaction is complicated by a slew of rules, standards, and documents that must be provided. Either you or a professional agent may care for all of this for you. A real estate agent is your best choice if you don’t want to learn the ins and outs of the industry.

It’s inevitable, but working with [an agent] may help you streamline the documentation you need to create and the processes you need to implement. As a result, selling a property includes a lot of documentation. Your agent will likely work with a title firm or an attorney to close the deal to develop the sales agreement, which you and the seller will then sign. And this can save a tonne of money and effort.

4.  Having the ability to use services from other companies

Selling a house in Raymore can require the involvement of several different experts and service providers. When dealing with an investor, you’d probably have to do your own research to find these experts. However, as your agent, I have a long list of individuals I rely on every month to ensure that the process goes smoothly. Having dealt with a wide range of service providers over the years, I’m certain that I can recommend a few of my favorite local companies that do quality work in the Shadowood, Raymore area. These professionals include mortgage experts, inspectors, contractors, stagers, etc.


Get the most value out of your property by hiring a Raymore agent to sell your home.  This is a better option than working with an investor.  Are you ready to sell your home in Canter Ridge subdivision, or Shadowood, Raymore? Good. In that case, find out today how our experienced agents can help with your home-selling goals in Raymore. Give us a call at (816) 695-7352 or send us a message today!