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Visit This Local Dancewear Shop in Peculiar, MO

Do you have kids in dance class? If so, you will definitely want to check out Cass County’s only dancewear boutique. High Platinum Dancewear Boutique is located in Peculiar, Missouri, and is definitely a great local shop for all things dance related in the area Cass County, Missouri area.

Highlight My Town had a chance to stop by High Platinum Dancewear Boutique and met the owner, Robyn Wilson. We saw first hand everything they carry. If you’re after anything related to dance or gymnastics apparel, the folks a High Platinum Dancewear can help you out!

Everything For Dance Class and Gymnastics

They carry jazz shoes and all kinds of dance shoes, ballet shoes, tap shoes. They even have a whole wall of half soles, and bun covers, leotards, and tights. Anything you can imagine for dance or gymnastics, they have it. Not to mention, their prices are very affordable.

Dance Costume Alterations Available

They also do costume alterations at High Platinum Dancewear Boutique. As a matter of fact, they actually make costumes for several studios around the Kansas City metro area. “I have 11 studios and five high schools that I make costumes for. So I’m usually pretty, really busy this time of year, but I just finished my last week of costumes.” Robyn said.

Robyn has a sewing room right in the shop, and that is where all the magic happens.”This is where all the little pieces that I’ve cut or I’ve had cut get put together, and costumes get made. There’s some finished costumes behind you that are waiting for fittings. I have all my threads in here and I have a TV in here so I can watch TV.” Robyn said.Robyn says that she usually makes about 500 costumes per year. This year was a little less because of COVID, but in a normal year she makes 500 consumes at the store. She usually has somebody cut for her, and then she does all the sewing, but this year she did all the cutting and sewing herself since the costume demand was less then normal.

Customers can stop by and try on apparel or costume alterations in their famous fitting room that customers say is the miniature bedroom. “I’ve got it all fixed up and really girly in there.” Robyn said

A Traveling Dance Store in Kansas City

High Platinum Dancewear can also be a traveling dancewear store. They deliver to dance studios. They deliver shoe orders, tights orders, and they deliver the costumes that Robyn makes as well. They will also ship dance costumes they make. “I send costumes all the way to Florida, and New Jersey-… And New York, and I’ve sent some to Texas and Arkansas.” Robyn says.

Home of The Rhino-Stone Board

High Platinum Dancewear Boutique is the home of the Rhino-Stone Board for rhinestoning dance and gymnastics costumes. In fact, they invented it just last year! The Rhino-Stone Board has become a very popular product at the store, and on the website. So much so, that the owners have patented and trademarked this special product! “We thought of it last year and we, my husband had it manufactured and we tested all kinds of materials to make sure the glue doesn’t stick to this board. And we have got integrated sleeve or tights or leggings slot in it so that you can rhinestone the hard to reach sleeves.” Robyn said.

So far, they have sold hundreds of Rhino-Stone Boards to customers from almost every state in the United States, and in Canada. “We have three sizes. It comes in a mini, which is for two toddler to size six or seven. Then we have the child sized board, which is this one and it’ll fit from an eight child to an adult extra small. And then we have the adult size that will fit a small to a large.” Robyn says. You can order your Rhino-Stone Board at https://www.rhinostoneboard.com/shop

Local Store For Dance And Gymnastics Apparel

If you need a dance or gymnastics costume in Kansas City, check out this great local boutique. The owner Robyn, has years of experience making dance costumes in the Kansas City area. Support local and come visit High Platinum Dancewear Boutique in Peculiar, Missouri, or visit their website to shop online .