Treat Your Dog To Barkville Bakery

Welcome to Highlight My Town. We had a great time at Barkville Bakery in Peculiar, Missouri. It was super fun meeting the owner Kayla Swatzell and her two dogs, Tank and Cooper. We witnessed first hand how they make their popular, fresh, handmade dog treats that are made from Kansas City ingredients.

Barkville Bakery partners with local farms, and when possible, they try to get their ingredients from the local Peculiar Farmers Market and from one of the owners friends who owns a local farm. “So anytime I can, when it’s in season, I grab the sweet potatoes, I grab their pumpkins, their carrots, all that kind of stuff. So it comes straight from here in Peculiar and goes straight into the dog treats.” Kayla says.

Birthday Cakes For Dogs

Are you looking for a place that specializes in making birthday cakes or cupcakes for dogs? Look no further then Barkville bakery! It all started with the pupcakes that come in two different sizes, the mini and the standard cupcake. The pupcakes were inspired by the owner Kayla’s dog Tank. They can also do five-inch round cakes, bone-shaped cakes, paw-shaped cakes, and then they can even do custom cakes. If you can imagine it, Kayla says she will find a way to make that cake for you! The owners dogs Tank and Cooper are both taste testers. “I kind of joke sometimes that he’s quality control, and I have my chief taste testing officer in Cooper because he’s a little pickier, but they both love the birthday cakes.” Kayla says.

Kansas City’s Only Food Truck For Dogs

Barkville Bakery operates the one and only “food truck for dogs” in Kansas City, which is really neat! “I’ve always wanted to own a food truck, and so when I started this, I was like, “Okay, how can I mix food truck with what I’m already doing with the bakery?” So I was just kind of Googling around and I saw that they had one in Chicago, they had one in Seattle, and they actually used to have one in Kansas City, But it quit being around about three or four years ago, they just kind of fell off the face of the earth. And so we were like, “All right, this is cool, let’s do this.” My husband’s a mechanic, so he helped me kind of pick out a truck and we did all the work from the ground up. I sell my treats as well as other local items, so we’ve got the bows from Cheeky Chic Bows and stuff that you’ll see around the store also on the truck.” Kayla says.

The Treat Waggin’ food truck for dogs does events all over Kansas City. They can do events such as dog birthdays, dog rescue events, dog park openings, car shows, and more! They even have some contracts with different dog parks in the area, so you just may spot them set up at a dog park some Saturday morning or a Sunday afternoon. The food truck is a big hit with the dogs! “One of the kind of fun things that they do is usually the dogs get to take a photo inside the Treat Waggin’. I let them sit on the step or I’ll put them up in the window, so they actually look like they’re serving.” Kayla said.

Bulk Dog Treats At Barkville Bakery

Barkville Bakery also offers bulk dog treats in their store. Customers can mix and match the flavors that their dogs really like. They sell these treats by the pound, so if you come in, you can grab a bag, you can grab the scoop and fill it up with whatever flavors they have. They rotate these flavors in and out for different times, and they even bring in seasonal treats, focusing on pumpkin in the fall. Just fill the glass jars that they have, then bring a reusable container like that back, then they will actually give you a cheaper per-pound rate. The peanut butter treats are always a hit, there’s rarely ever a dog that will refuse the peanut butter treats, according to Kayla.